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The Myth of Normal

An awesome book that explores the mind-body connection and how modern western culture is making us sick. If you are feeling like the life you lead isn’t serving you. If you feel like you are exhausted and wanting to explore, then this is the book. Gabor also works in generational and childhood theory as a framework for identifying common coping/living approaches that lead to illness.

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Domestic Violence, Toxic Masculinity, Gender Norms

See what you made me do

Want to deep dive on the research, the statistics, some theory on the underpinnings of DV in Australia then this is the book. Wonderfully written and balanced without holding back. This book is for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and awareness on this epidemic.

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Mindfulness, Meditation Techniques, Joy, Happiness, Purpose, Suffering, Hate, Anxiety, Depression

No Mud, No Lotus

Books seem to come at just the right time every now and then. And this one had spot on timing. It explores the relationship between happiness and suffering, how either develops and provides some excellent (and very simple) techniques to get in touch with mind, body and spirit. Also how to manage things like stress, anger and anxiety in the moment they appear.

I’ll be keeping it close at hand for a while until the techniques become part of my daily routine.

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