All services are provided under the protection of the National Privacy Principles as outlined in the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. Under the Act, we are required to provide information where:

  • it is evident that a crime and/or abuse against a child is being or will be committed;
  • it is evident that harm to self or another is being or will be committed,
  • it is revealed that a criminal act under the Commonwealth or State law has been or is intended to be committed;
  • records are requested by subpoena, Court Order, Search Order;
  • information is requested per condition of original service entry (for example: fee for service); or
  • information is required to attain referral to another service.
  • In all instances you will be advised of the request for information before such information is released.

Personal Information

Your name, phone number and email address is requested for appointments. These details will only be used:

  • to arrange and confirm your counselling sessions,
  • to send you resources or transcripts of counselling sessions (as requested),
  • to request feedback.
  • Your email address, and any other contact information, will only be used in the manner outlined above, and will not be used or disclosed for any other purpose without your prior written consent.

As part of providing a counselling service, I will need to collect and record personal information about you that is relevant to your current situation. This information will be a necessary part counselling that is conducted. Any such information, along with correspondence to me, will be stored securely.

As a counsellor, I attend supervision and your case may be discussed with my supervisors.  If I do, your identity will not be revealed, but some of your details maybe shared with the supervisor to ensure the best possible care for you.

Upon completion of your service your counselling records will be held in restricted archives for a period of seven years, after which time they will be securely and permanently destroyed. If clients are under the age of 18, records will be held until the client has turned 25.

Access to Information

If you require access to your individual counselling records, we can provide you with this information. You (the client) will need to submit a request in writing and include your reason for requiring this information. You will not be permitted access to the information of any other party, including a partner or child, without their written consent.

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