Choosing thought

So I came across this great quote the other day about worry.    That worrying about the things that haven’t happened is somewhat pointless.   But it got me thinking about the information I come across in social and my training,  that in the end a lot of it comes down to awareness and decisions about thought.Continue reading “Choosing thought”

All the little steps

Goals… aspirations… happiness… unhappiness…   there are a range of reasons and motivations that spark the desire for change in our lives.   Often at some level we are aware that something needs to be different and sparks some energy to go find it.  And I think most of those are really positive and healthy motivations, evenContinue reading “All the little steps”

Values and purpose for happiness

Morning Gang!  At some point in our lives we are challenged with finding happiness in some way shape or form.  In what I have learnt and found personally, a lot of this all comes back to a single source.  This post takes a first pass at some commonality and introduces a path improved happiness. Let’sContinue reading “Values and purpose for happiness”

Making Self-Care Stick

I was sure I wrote about this but perhaps it has just been sharing the mountains of information and articles already circulating.   But there is a challenge with self-care I am noticing;  the info and articles just touch the surface and rarely land in a way that creates solid change or technique.   So I thoughtContinue reading “Making Self-Care Stick”

Yes you are right, I am being defensive

Is being defensive ok?  This article is about emotional awareness on the source, some clarity on what it is and isn’t and some tips for people that use it disarm/disable you. Let me start off by first acknowledging that we all get defensive at times.  When I think of someone calling me ‘defensive’, it bringsContinue reading “Yes you are right, I am being defensive”