Motivating others – a personality perspective

Different things drive different people. Neuroscience suggests that in fact it’s a combination of six core things. Let’s take a look at what they are along with a few wider principles. I’ve been trying to find an angle on the ‘motivating people’ topic for a while, it is a pretty wide topic with lots ofContinue reading “Motivating others – a personality perspective”

Building resilience

Here’s a great article from Daniel Goleman on using mindfulness to build resilience against challenging situations, people and stress in general. The mindfulness practice has a long and solid history not covered in this article but as a practitioner I can definitely swear by the results. Daniel also draws our attention to the amygdalaContinue reading “Building resilience”

Performance Reviews

What is the purpose of performance reviews? This is first question everyone should ask themselves before setting targets and conducting or eceiving a review. Properly understanding the purpose is key to getting the desired outcome. Here is a few interesting facts about performance targets and feedback; 1) Most people are harsher on themselves than any evaluator.Continue reading “Performance Reviews”


Came across Naikan this morning, a relatively simple activity which has studies supporting its benefit to significantly improving happiness. The simplicity, quick duration and proven results make it a pretty appealing practice. Results included awareness of other’s viewpoint, feelings of love, appreciation of life and sense of fulfillment.   Performed daily the Naikan practice isContinue reading “Naikan”

Symbols of Leadership

Leadership, team building, goal setting, people skills etc activities are pretty common place in many businesses these days.In different shapes and forms companies invest time and money into them to be the best and provide the best for their employees. Traditionally, at least in my experience, these leadership activities are performed using the same fundamentalsContinue reading “Symbols of Leadership”