Unprofessional behaviour from management

There are going to be times when the person you work for, or someone else higher than you in an organisation says or does something that you wouldn’t expect from a leader. This article explores the manager-subordinate relationship, expectations and techniques to work through those times. What is unprofessional behaviour?  Some examples that come upContinue reading “Unprofessional behaviour from management”

Improving your day – building equanimity

I learnt this practice a while back and have found it to be a very effective way of taking the day’s challenges as they come.  The practice will assist you become more resilient and to remember that “this too will change” 🙂 Before you watch the video below, let me give you a little background.  Continue reading “Improving your day – building equanimity”

Communicating around death and dying

Our dealing mechanisms are varied and the importance of friends and family through these times can’t be undervalued. What Soft Skills are required when someone you know is dealing with death. Clearly we all want to be inspired and have positive outlooks, I also believe strongly in positive thinking brings positive outcomes. I have personallyContinue reading “Communicating around death and dying”