Are you stuck in life, relationship, conflict, overwhelm, stress, defeat? Perhaps struggling to find purpose, direction, the next step? Or hitting the same issues and blockers which could be just about you or with others.  Perhaps you can’t even identify what it is at all.  You may even be struggling with emotions and behaviours you’re not happy with like short temper, anger, sadness, excessive drinking or drugs. In any case you are looking to figure it out and move forward.

With twenty years working with teams and individuals complimented with various counselling, communication, coaching and change qualifications; lets work together on understanding and you choosing your next steps to a happier and fulfilling life.

I know how it is to be stuck; from debilitating to anger, and all the emotions in between. I’m confident you have the answers and I really enjoy working with people to reflect and help unpack them.  Counselling clients own and drive their own change however sometimes people prefer a more directive/coaching approach and I am happy to switch to this mode with you.  My own value and purpose comes from assisting others and I look forward to hearing from you.

A bit more about me

My education (and interest) started 20 odd years ago around soft skills – who we are and how we relate, and operate, in the world. It is still the source of my passion for working with people; connecting with others to help them from where they are, to where they want to be 🙂

I’ve worked for multi-nationals for over 20yrs in various technical, sales and leadership roles.  I’m certified in Organisational Change Management which I lean on when working with people and teams making change.  Over this time I built the bulk of my coaching and mentoring skills working across teams and countries.  Now I continue to build on my counselling qualifications and breadth which I expect to be a never ending journey 🙂

You will also find my passion for people drives an interest in blogging about and discussing soft skills, and life in general; happiness, communication, conflict, teamwork, personality types, etc. I really like to hear from people on anything I post!

Drop me a line 🙂

Qualifications and Courses:
  • Diploma Applied Social Science (Counselling) – Torrens University
  • PROSCI Practitioner
  • Cert IV in Management
  • Coaching Habit (Box of Crayons)