The gentle art of hearing

I came across this video this evening and I wanted to post it up because I think one of the messages it contains is key to life coaching. Humanity is about seeing and supporting each other, without support life can become really difficult. And conversely, with support life can be a lot more satisfying.

This short film features homeless people which is an extreme example to use for life coaching I know. But a series of unfortunate events or decisions created the life they have, perhaps with support life could be a lot different? At times life can be hard and that really is normal. To feel the pressure doesn’t mean we are failing, nor are we any worse than anyone else; people manage to deal with or hide life’s challenges better than others at various times. One thing is true for everybody – at one or more times during life they will find things tough and will need support.

And the same thinking applies to you successful and happy people looking to advance, be more successful or just have a more fulfilling life. Probably more so as hopefully most of us spend more time satisfied with life than not and look to to enhance it even more. A little support in the form of reflective conversation, thought/idea exploration and encouragement goes a long way.

Life coaching supports you need so you can achieve or overcome what you want to.


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