I still struggle with integrity


Not really with the definition…. but the intricacies of integrity and discernment challenge me constantly.

Who is right,  who is wrong?  Is my integrity out of whack and needs adjustment?  Or should I follow my path?

I have come across a few interesting articles lately that have definitely tipped me in a certain direction…

These articles talked about defining your own criteria of success…. In a world with so much feedback and opinion…  first decide what you want.   For me, I extend that to the actions and activity I want around me…. define what aligns with my values and morals… question them sure but define it.

I realised after years of feeling like I am in a washing machine, that perhaps I lost track of this simple but important step – ‘What makes me happy’.   And I truly believe that that is not an over simplification…  how much money you need, the job you want, the relationships you want, lifestyle, recreation… what you expect from others… what is ok and what isn’t…. This can all be summarised up to what makes you happy…  and all tightly intertwined with your integrity.

I think that if we first clearly define our own criteria for happiness then we can more easily move to evaluating and understanding what is and isn’t contributing to that…

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