Relationship and Youth Counselling

Counselling and therapy or all the relationships you have in life – family, couple, friendship and professional. I work with individuals, couples and families on the areas they feel are impacting their relationships. This is as often about each person as well as the dynamic between them, and so a mix of one-on-one and combined sessions generally work best.

Sīla, which is a Pali word roughly translates to mean ‘right speech, right action, right livelihood’. When I came across it, I felt it carried a meaning and intent that really reflected my own purpose and direction in counselling. That what is most important is intention; that what we say and do should be for the good of others.

So when I work with people my focus is on what is right and helpful for them. What is coming up for them and working there. I really enjoy working with people to explore and reflect – you set the pace and direction.

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